Deflectometry GUI
A tool to process grid pictures
This tool has been developped by Dr. C. Devivier and Prof. F. Pierron. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate and send us an email.

If you have seen a bug take a screenshot of the message box and send it here.

Tool, Matlab Compiler Runtimes and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistribuable

Download the tool and corresponding MCR package. Install the MCR first and then run the GUI. If you have a message about side-by-side configuration file, download and install the C++ redistribuable packages.

Windows 32 bits Windows 64 bits
ToolDeflectometry_GUI_w32_r2.0.7.exe Deflectometry_GUI_w64_r2.0.7.exe
MCRMCRInstaller_7.13_w32.exe MCRInstaller_7.13_w64.exe
Visual C++
M_C++_redist_x86_2008.exe M_C++_redist_x64_2008.exe
M_C++_redist_x86_2008_sp1.exe M_C++_redist_x64_2008_sp1.exe

Manuals and training data

Static Dynamic